To counter today's fast fashion industry and be a part of

the recycling/circular economy, 

we created the ' FORGET ME NOT' project.

We recycle used high quality bags and extend

their lifetime by reconditioning and redesigning it,

creating your new favorite piece.

By using second-hand-bags, we reduce

CO2-emissions, waste and the use of new resources.

Leather is a very persistent material, it can be handed

down from generation to generation,

only to get more beautiful with time.

We don´t want our grandparents old pieces

to take dust in the back of a closet,

but to be used and worn with passion.

Our mission is to bring you special pieces that

you will not find elsewhere - pieces that have a unique story

and bring you joy, all whilst contributing positively

to the environment.

We believe in sustainability and

in keeping iconic pieces in circulation.