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stands for Anna und Justine.

As a complementary, multigenerational, creative duo,

we are excited to explore new facets of creation

and to influence and grows with each other.


After working as an architect in her native country France

for a number of years and a career change,

Justine  opened l´Atelier in 2017, in der Türkenstraße, 

to create a place where she could shareher passion:

the craft around leather, that she learned in Italy.


Through Annas apprenticeship as a fine bag maker in Vienna

and her love for handcrafting beautiful objects with leather,

our paths crossed in 2019.


We quickly realized that we share the same passion for design and craftsmanship.

Consequently we founded the label ANJU in 2022.


We are looking to create  an open and long lasting approach

to creative business, and to to benefit from our age gap of 33 years.

Our timeless designs are marked by clean lines, simplicity and pertinent details.

We also put sustainability and individuality at the core of our production.

The collection is exclusively handcrafted in our Atelier in Munich,

using the finest, high quality leather.

We want to offer an alternative to the fast fashions waste culture

by creating each of our bags and accessories as a long time companion.

Ultimatly, ANJU represents sustainability, timeless design,

local craftsmanship and high quality.