stands for Anna & Justine.

As a complementary, multigenerational, creative duo,

we are excited to explore new facets of creation and to influence and

grow with each other.


After working as an architect in her native country France for a number of years and a career change,

Justine  opened l´Atelier in 2017,

in der Türkenstraße, 

to create a place where she could share her passion: the craft around leather,

that she learned in Italy.


During Anna's  internship with Justine as part of her training as as a fine bag maker

,our paths crossed in 2020.


After we realized that we share

the same passion for design and craftsmanship, Anna joined the project 2022 and

l´Atelier found a new name:

ANJU, Studio for handmade leathergoods.


We are looking to create an open and long lasting approach to creative business,

and to benefit from our age gap of 33 years.

Our timeless designs are characterized by minimalism, uncomplicated features, and relevant details that never go out of style. We prioritize sustainability and uniqueness in our manufacturing process, and all our products are handmade using only premium, high quality leather at our Atelier in Munich. Our goal is to present an alternative to the rapid turnover of fast fashion.

Ultimatly, ANJU represents sustainability, timeless design,local craftsmanship and high quality.


Foto @Claudia Simchen